YOUR MOM gets around! Lacrosse and Rochester, MN...

...provided a lot of shenanigans and there were all kinds of ways YOUR MOM could find trouble.  First stop was The Pour House in Onalaska, WI (close to La Crosse).  Ben Wentz did a great job of getting YOUR MOM sounding great on stage...which is good cuz YOUR MOM is a diva!  We made a lot of new friends and appreciate the huge tip we got from one happy fan.  (YOUR MOM loves big tips ;)

Next Stop was in Rochester, MN - our first Minnesota show as a band.  YOUR MOM got a little tipsy on stage and so did the audience.  There was some serious dancing for most of the night and for 1 song there was a mosh pit!   We appreciated the lovely ladies that joined us on stage to sing a lil back up.  Thanks to Dave for booking us and the awesome bartenders including Mallory, Darcy and Katie - you guys rock - of course us drinking for free all night helped shaped that opinion ;)

Overall YOUR MOM was completely satisfied by the trip...and a little worn out!  Thanks to Kevin Beck for taking some awesome pics and Thanks to everyone that made it a blast! 12/2 - 12/3/16

YOUR MOM guzzled everything in sight and was still thirsty for more.  The Blue Angels did a fly by and dropped fireworks above the crowd and Kim Kardasian did a keg stand in the middle of our set.  YOUR MOM pranced around the stage like a teenager who just got a snapchat from Channing Tatum asking to marry them.  Yes - it was epic.  We helped the crowd (thanks for coming out) which was at capacity or near it from 10:30pm - 2:15am celebrate the olympics and the US dominating (again) by rocking til the break of dawn.  Thanks Josh for having us out! Thanks to all our friends who represented and to the amazing staff including Tim, Sam, Sean and Morgan.  Uh oh, someone's got a crush on Morgan - I'm telling!!! OK, I won't...ssshhhhhh...Next time you go to Whiskey Jack's try one of their shots from their amazing shot menu - we recommend the YOUR MOM shot!!

YOUR MOM Drained Whiskey Jack's Dry - 8/20/16 the Biggest Party in Town!!!